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Romance at Rovos Rail – Leigh-Ann and Marthinus Kotze

Standing on the edge of the platform, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the sophisticated train, I was transported back to an era of the 1900’s. A moment of luxury and elegance reached me as soon as the train came into view. I knew instantly that this was what I wanted to portray. The concept and vision for the décor; floral arrangements; stationery and cake needed to mimic the vintage feel of stream trains and absolute romance.

Golden hues; classic stationery and a floral design to surround those nearby with only the utmost notions of romance. We created a flashback to an era of passengers sitting and reading their newspapers; eagerly awaiting to board the train with loved ones, or perhaps on their way to meet a loved one. A top reason we would love to help you create your dream wedding on the Rovos Rail train is that it is the perfect venue for wedding couples looking for something old-world, enchanting and romantic.

Fairy tales and true romance all came together through the beautiful couple. Their love for each other and their happiness glowed through all the carriages of the train. A picture perfect cake, delved in creams and ivory with beautiful roses on the top represented old school glamour and complimented each flower arrangement. The rich wood of the interior of the train was another element that complimented the decor aspect of the wedding.

By incorporating not only the personalities of the couple; but also the look and feel of the venue chosen by the couple and all the stories it has to tell, we create a concept that carries through the wedding décor; the stationery; the cake and the floral designs as well as compliments it all.

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